You Should Ask Your Wife for a MMF Threesome

Either before or now, the pursuit of a threesome lifestyle has been one of top fantasies in women's hearts, but only a few of them would like to take it into practice. As a man, if one day you are asked by your wife about inviting another man into your life for a MMF threesome, what will you think and would you accept your wife’s suggestion?

Undoubtedly, men have more control than women in sexual activities all the time because most men think this is just the truth. A man probably has fantasized about having a threesome with his wife and another woman because this is an ultimate dream for him. And in the meanwhile, many more men have got into threesome dating with two women since they are starting seeking this new ways to make themselves satisfied. According to various studies in recent years, the number of men who have been in threesomes is in a rapid increase while the number of women is not.

We also find single women are so welcome among couples for threesomes because most couples are planning to find a unicorn to join them. Usually, the idea of having a threesome between a couple is put forward by the man and we can explain why they would like to find a single woman to make an experiment. Actually, almost all men believe they can fulfill their desires by making love with two women at the same time and they will definitely think about satisfying their needs at first. Even though their wives say no to them, they are going to try the best to persuade their wives to comply with their wishes.

However, we find women are also interested in threesomes as we have mentioned above. The reason why they say no is not they don't like it, but is they are not willing to have FFM threesomes. Actually, a wife will feel comfortable in a MMF threesome because she is able to get double joy by being served by his husband and another strong man. Most wives will be so glad to engage in a threesome with two men if their husband can understand them.

So, as a man, if you are dreaming a threesome with your wife and a third woman, you can take this new way to make it come true. You can have a chat about threesomes with your wife and ask her if she is willing to try a MMF to make a start for your threesome lifestyle. Once she accepts your suggestion, then things will be easier later because finding a nice single man to join you is very simple. After several threesome hookup, it will be the time for you to tell your wife about having a threesome with a more woman and she will reach an agreement with you because she still appreciates what you've done for her.