Expert tips when dating a transgender

Seeing a tremendous amount of transgender men as well as transgender women on a variety of different transgender dating apps, you might find it intriguing when it comes to the idea of dating a transgender girl or transgender guy. However, as someone who have date more than 8 transgender partner, I know there are certain points that you need to pay attention to in order to avoid unnecessary fights while optimizing your dating experience.

Know the basics.

While you date someone who is slightly different from you, it is always good to dig into specific details, which will definitely help you to get to know your partner. No matter you are dating a ladyboy, crossdressing man or tomboy, there is a slight difference among them and it is strongly recommended to do some researches about the basics. Thus before entering an exclusive relationship with your t girls or t guys, pay GOOGLE a brief visit in order to get a more comprehensive understanding about your partner. If your partner have gone through any kind of surgery or hormone injection, do some research about the medical condition too to show your care. Last but not least, learn to identify objective articles from biased ones. Because biased or heavily subjective information will likely to raise misunderstanding between you and your t girls or t guys.

Don’t label your partner.

You are hookup your transgender partner, but don’t always label them, or more precisely, don’t label the at all. Imagine yourself being a transgender and dating a non transgender who doesn’t stop referring yourself to one certain sexuality as if it is the only thing that matters to them. At some certain points, this labeling will not only make your transgender women or transgender men make him or her think that you don’t see them as a complete individual, but also will possibly lead to a failing relationship.

Treat them like a person, not a sexual object.

Some transgender person might not have a supportive and accepting family but will probably have the potential to create a loving family in the future. However, compared to them, others might have a much liberal background. No matter what the case is, the topic can always be genuine and doesn’t have to have anything to do with sexual related topics. Ask questions that will actually help you and your partner to bond with each other and don’t treat your partner as a sex unicorn.

Think before you talk.

“You even look better than a real women!” you think that’s an excellent compliment for your transgender date, but what does it really mean?! “even”,”better” and “real women”?! think twice before you let the words that will make you regret later slip out of your mouth.
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