Some Suggestions on Dating Older Women Online

Older women are like a forbidden fruit for younger men, which are craved by cubs no matter how unreachable they may appear. Without the knowledge of whether she opens for cougar dating relationship, these days, younger men often go to cougar dating sites or apps. CougarD, as one of the most famous cougar dating app, offers several suggestions on how to date older women online and things you shouldn't do during online dating.

If you are not available in the next several days, and in these days, she texts you and asks you out, remember do not tell her you are not in town, for that she'll take it as you are not interested in her or you are busy with dating another girl. By the time you get back to her, she might have moved on to others and forget about you. So the principle to answer such question is that silence is better than timely response. If it's just a few days, you could wait until you get back and explain why you didn't reply. It is very important that you need to be sincere to make her feel you are not lying and you really value her. If it's for a week or more, you'd better explain the reason why you are not available and promise you will get back to her as soon as you are back.

Do not describe your physical appearance or any body part in your profile no matter how handsome you are or how shaped your body is. It will only make them think that you are a shallow and arrogant person. Be confident, but not cocky. Confidence is a temperament that comes from inside of you, while cocky is one of the characteristics women repel most. Do not describe that you are not sure online hookup is fit for you while you apparently have joined it. This also reveals your lack of confidence. Be sure about the things you are doing. Confidence is the most attracting quality, which applies to all men and women of all ages.

Do not use some lousy and flashy pickup lines which you think would work on younger girls. Always remember you are facing a mature and experienced woman. She has went through all of them more than you do. Just be straightforward and sincere with what you want. Get to the point and be effective. Forthright is usually preferred by most women in their age. You may not get used to this kind of conversation, but so long as you are interested in cougars, you might as well fit into it.

Cougars need their private space. Do not ask her all the time about where she went, whom she met and what she did. Unlike younger girls, possessiveness is mostly not favored by older women. Cougars are independent and self-sufficient women. Constraint is the last thing they want. Do not be inquisitive. If she feels like to talk, then she will in due time. The harder you push, the further she will be.

Get used to rejections. Sometimes you might get rejected by your favorite woman, but do not take it personally. Maybe they are just testing their charms online and not into any relationships. Do not say any bad thing to her if she's not interested. This would only make her feel she just did an absolute right choice by rejecting you, which is true anyway. Just deal with it properly and move on to another. There are plenty of fishes in the sea. You just need to change your bait and keep hunting.

Dating a cougar is not so different from dating any other girl. Just be confident, sincere and hide your immaturity away, she'll raise to your bait.