Joining 3rder Is the Best Choice I've Ever Made

I am a big fan of threesome. In the past one year, I have had about ten threesomes with different couples. In fact, there is a reason why I become addicted to this sex fantasy.

One year ago, I was not single because I had a boyfriend who claimed that he loved me so much. And we had a great relationship back then. I thought that we would be together for the rest of my life and we even started to plan to have a wedding in the next year. However, things changed after he saw a movie with three people having sex in one bedroom. I have to admit that I never thought about having a three way like that. But he didn't care. He started to convince me to help him to have a new experience by inviting one of my friends into our bedroom. Of course, I didn't accept his suggestion. I was so confused and upset in these days and it proved that I was right. I thought that if I accept his suggestion and have a threesome by bringing another friend in the bed, I might be left out and lose him in the end. But if I refuse his suggestion, he might be angry with me and left me to find other women.

So, in the end, I said yes. But I insist on finding a third partner on threesome hook up apps. So, we found a threesome dating app named 3Somer and we created a profile on it to look for women that we both liked. Because he was so eager to try a threesome, we didn't spend much time getting to know a woman before we arranged the meeting. So, it is not a good experience because that girl was a prostitute and what she wanted was just to have fun and got satisfied by her own. However, because of that experience, my boyfriend started to ignore me and go out to have fun. Then, I ended that relationship and moved out to live a better life without him. Somehow, I wanted to experience more fun by having a threesome with couples. 3Somer will never be my choice because it ruined my relationship with someone that I thought I loved. So, I found another couples dating app called 3rder, which helped me find so many kinky couples to have a three way. Honestly speaking, I think 3rder is better than 3Somer because it is simple and actually useful. Recently, I heard that 3Somer cannot be found in App Store. How lucky I am!