Facts that No One Tells You about Threesome

So you and your partner have finally decided to try out the steaming hot tinder threesome experience you have just seen form a X-rated movie. In order to plan a perfect and memorable three way experience, you signed up on a couples dating apps to with an effort to know better about this polyamorous dating thing. After all those expert dating advice you have just read about having a threesome, looking for threesome, finding a compatible three way partner and avoiding the most common mistakes during threesome dating, you feel like you are already half way there to get a touch on the hot fetish that is on almost every guy's bucket list. No, not yet.

Since having a threesome is way more different from regular intimate and committed relationship that you are used to, it requires much more experience as well as knowledge to get the most out of it. However, few swinger knows what is hiding behind the fantasy. Forget about the stereotypical impression that the media tell you, the true story is about to be revealed in this article. The most famous tinder for threesomes and tinder for couples now provides its registered members who are living a swinging lifestyle with several facts that no one tells you about threesome hookup.

It can be confusing, at least a little bit

It is important to note that there are three willing participants, instead of two. Thus situation can get out of hand, but not necessarily in a bad way. There are moments which might get you wonder if you should put my leg up, change a position or switch role. Well, there is no right answer to this question. All you have to do, no matter you are couples seeking women or women seeking couple, is to make the most out of each moment by being open minded.

It’s not about pleasing someone

If you are a girl and is going to get intimate with two other guys, don't think that you are the one who is going to take control over the situation. Because they are not there to please you, at least not only you. It is important to know that every polyamorous dating, kinky dating and bisexual dating is based on equality of each party. Thus switching roles and making contributions are of great importance when it comes to threesome.

Threesome is also called "relationship of fluids"

I didn't mean to get too sexual, but that is the truth: your body is going to be cover by the body fluids of others since there is too much stuff going on. Thus preparing some tissues in your drawer will be a smart thing to do.

Ground rules will keep the relationship from going south

It is important to discuss the limit of each other before trying out threesome. For example, rules such as never go on a date without letting the third party know might save your relationship at some point.