Common Mistakes Made By Transgender Women

How to look feminine like real women? This is a common question of all MTF transgender women. Most of transgender women grew up as men, although they are women now, some of them don't know how to behave like real women. As a trans woman, you not only need to dress and behave as real women, you also need to think in women's way. Always focus on women's fashion style, and try your best to make yourself look more feminine. Women are often described as gentle, elegant, worm and mindful. If you are a crossdress woman, and want to look like real women, there are something you need to consider about. According to my personal view, I list some common mistakes that made by transgender women, you need to avoid making these mistakes if you are a trans woman.

1. Exposing too much

Most of women like to be sexy and attractive, so many trans women wearing revealing dresses to show their femininity. I want to say don't show too much skin no matter you are a trans woman or cisgender woman. Being sexy doesn't mean exposing too much, as a trans woman, you need to make yourself look sexy and classy, not trashy. Many women have misunderstanding on sexy, showing too much of your skin can never makes you sexy. On the contrary, it makes you look frivolous. Not all men like sexy women, instead of being sexy, you need to be elegant, confident and attractive.

2. Too aggressive

Most of transgender women grew up as men, so they may more aggressive than real women when faced with some negative situations. However, don't be too aggressive if you want to look like a real woman. This is a matter about self-control. Control your temper, sometimes you should keep silent purposely, because you are a woman, you need to be gentle and patient. Impulse will make you do something crazy which cannot be retrieved. Moreover, if you are too aggressive when hookup a guy, you may less likely to attract the guy.

3. Be polite

No matter who you are, you should be polite to other people. As a trans woman, you should everyone around you, then other people will respect you in return. We all know that, transgender people are living under great pressures, they cannot be accepted by the whole society. All transgender people need to behave in a polite way, then they are more likely to be accepted by other people. They need to try very hard to have a trans dating. More importantly, be honest. Don't pretend like someone rich and powerful. Dress and make up in the stylish way, this is the key to impress other people you meet. Some trans women like to wear colorful clothes with many accessories and heavily makeup. It doesn't work, and only makes you look out of style and old than your age.

There are three tips you need to keep in mind if you are a trans woman. I know it's not enough, but I hope it is help for you.