Hookup tips 101---Hookup with strangers

Drink less

When you hookup, alcohol will follow. They are a good combination and I don't think anyone intends to break them up at any time. At least I don't think it is possible. But try to drink less than you want to. The most important reason is that it is vital that both parties agree and are willing to provide participation. Too much alcohol can tilt the judgment and memory, which leads to a lot of trouble when you wake up in bed or next to someone you don't remember.

If someone claims to remember not seeing you before, especially if you don't remember to invite them, don't remember to go to bed with them, it is absolutely devastating. Alcohol is a subtle and powerful thing. It can bring you many benefits and many disadvantages. Therefore, it is very important to enjoy it moderately. Never use it as a strategy for hookup when you are on free dating apps.

Ensure that both parties are voluntarily participated
I cannot emphasize this point too much. You have heard it from your parents, grandparents, teachers, and classmates. Before you try anything, make sure that both parties agree completely! Failure to do so can damage your life and reputation. No one wants hear any rape accusation against them after they think they have had a good night with another adult who agrees. This has a lot to do with the above suggestions: drinking less. If a person drinks too much alcohol, then he cannot think clearly.

Go to a safe place
When your intentions are clear and both parties agree, your next step is to go to a private place so that real fun can begin. Bar restrooms, side lanes or nearby parks are definitely not available, I hope you have this feeling before reading. You don't want to be caught, you don't want to be disturbed, you absolutely don't want someone to take a photo.

I highly recommend choosing a house or apartment and then go there to continue to have fun. If it is possible, let female make decision. As a male, this allows you to choose to leave at any time, while as a woman, it makes dating partners feel more comfortable and safer in their own place. If the worst happens, and both of you can accept it, then a car can do the same

Embrace awkwardness
There will be embarrassment. Just embrace it. Follow with your heart. If possible, use the embarrassment to help you. Just don't let it overwhelm you and drive you away from the game. It might not be easy because you are showing your most intimate side to someone who knows nothing about you.

Your expectations might be different and it might break your norms. Their comfort level may not be as good as you, or may even exceed you. In either case, it will eventually come along between you, and awkward situations will pass. Admit that these are normal, calm down and move on.