Expert Tips that Lead to a Perfect Threesome

Having a threesome has always been lingering in the back of the mind for most swingers that are up to try out new things. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to convince their partner to try out polyamorous dating or simply can't manage to find a compatible couple as your three way partner. So as one of the lucky ones who has everything ready, of course you want to optimize your kinky dating experience and plan a hot, steamy and perfect threesome dating. However, here is the important fact to know: bisexual dating is no different from regular sex, different tips from those who had multiple experiences can be always helpful to optimize the sex experience.

And one of the biggest challenge of having a threesome is make sure none of the three parties will feel being left out-a triangle three way sex requires you to not only care for the pleasure of your partners, but also of the third willing participant who’s living a swinging lifestyle. Therefor knowing how to deal with jealousy, create a right ambiance, and make sure none of the potential problems will occur is of vital importance. Let’s take a look at the expert dating tips assembled from three of the most successful couples hookup app including tinder for threesomes and tinder for couples, which will help you plan a perfect threesome sex.

Set the mood

No matter what kind of sexual fantasy you are into: couples seeking women, women seeking couples, wife sharing or wife threesome, it is always smart to set the mood for sex first. A bedroom with dim lights and soft erotic music will be a good place for a sexy ménage à trois. If the room is too bright, buy a couple of scent candles. and it is strongly recommended to make sure the odor is different from the ones from a supermarket bathroom which will turns no one on. Aside from a dim room which makes you less self conscious about yourself in front of two pairs of eyes, some good wine will help set the mood too. Being a little bit tipsy will greatly improve your threesome experience since it makes every one a little bit more bold while still remain sober. Also, note that threesome can be rather exhausting, thus a space with proper air-conditioning will be of great help to cool you and your partners down.

Imagine it's team work

Unlike sex with two participants, threesome, or at least a good threesome requires the three parties to have some spirit of team. It is easily to get tired from such a demanding sport-sex, let along you are serving two at one time. So it is important to take turns and switch things up instead of letting one party play the dominant role for a long time.

Have fun

No matter how many rules are out there when it comes to threesome, the most important thing is to have fun. Discard all your insecurities as well as concerns, do what your feelings are telling you to!