Expectations about Dating and Hookup

They often say that don’t bring high expectations when you are dating or hooking up with someone. It is indeed true. Because if you have high expectations before you actually meet this person, there is huge chance that you might be disappointed. In particular, nowadays, more and more people are relying on dating apps to find one night hookup or relationship partners. They don’t even know what that person actually look like and what kind of person it is before they meet. All they know is some photos and information they bring out for people to see. That leave you with lots of imaginations, especially for girls. In this way, many girls might start their imagination. They might think this person they are going to meet must be kind and a gentleman. He must be tall and handsome, just like that in his, profile pictures. must be rich judged from his dressing style and his living conditions. These are all they might be thinking before they meet. These are false expectations which should not be born.

However, here I would like to tell you that you should have expectations before you meet someone. It depends on what you are looking for, one night hookup or relationships. Here is what you should expect.

First, if you are looking for relationships, you need to have certain expectations to make sure if this person is fit for you or not. Is he responsible? Is he generous and considerate? Is he a kind person? But not expectations like these: Is he tall? Is he cute? In a word, if you are looking to develop a relationship with this person, you should care more about his personalities than his appearance. Since you are going to be the significant other of each other and probably spend the rest of your life with, you should value this person with the purpose of finding your husband. What kind of husband you want in your life? What is the must conditions for him? These are the right expectations you should have before meet. Everyone has different requirement. Start thinking about yours.

Second, if you are looking for one night hookup on free dating apps, thing might be a lot easier. You might meet on some hookup app. For hookup hunters, all they care about might be their appearance and capabilities in bed. You should have some expectations before you meet, but not too high. Like he should at least be a little bit cute in some way. Everyone has their own unique taste. You are the judge of that. If the person does not meet your expectations, it is your decision to make whether to go with it or not. Expectations will keep you away from doing something you might regret. Of course, safety always comes first.

Here are the two different type of expectations you should have when facing with hookups and relationships. I hope they can be useful.